Delaying Rather than Temporizing


Dear Friend,

Unable to formulate Short Story A’s results after reading its drafts, I chose to edit it alongside its sequel, Book A, when the Conductor says the time is right. Forcing myself to implement decisions may reap dire consequences on my characters and on both stories.

Perhaps, I have not learnt what I needed to learn yet for it to move forward.

Very Sincerely Yours,
Clarissa Choo-Choo Train


Clarissa Choo is a vessel used for Christ’s glory. Although she has lived in four countries, Heaven is her only Home. She desires to sow His seeds and to serve third culture kids, teens, and writers. Besides writing, she loves to wash dishes, chop ingredients into smithereens, and record hymns on her piano. Peek into her Christian TCK Email Ministry or read more posts.

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