Sowing seeds

To the Discouraged Sower: Persevere

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Imagine sowing Gospel seeds day after day and not one of those people placed their trust in Jesus. On the other hand, a fellow believer has been reaping a harvest.

Does this sound like you? Because that is me. I have not seen a single person get saved from my witnessing despite how many times I sow. A missionary couple I know of, who are serving in the Czech Republic, experienced similar frustration. Days of sowing turned into months and months into years. Year after year, despite sowing the Gospel to hundreds of souls, few were saved and the size of the church barely grew. No one seemed to respond to the Gospel. 

“Maybe the harvest will be reaped after God takes both of you home,” I said, trying to encourage them. “Like how the results of some past missionaries were not visible until after their passing.”

Not seeing results can be disheartening. I was feeling exactly that way during my mid-teens, even to the point of wondering if I was doing it wrong. What about you? Are you thinking the same? These three reminders encourage and direct me to the truth whenever discouragement hits …

Clarissa Choo is a vessel used for Christ’s glory. Although she has lived in four countries, heaven is her only home. She desires to love Jesus and sow His seeds. Besides writing, she would be washing dishes, chopping ingredients into smithereens, and recording music. You can find her writing at TCKs for Christ and Light Unto Darkness.

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