What I Desired to Convey to You


Dear Friend,

I’ve always been embarrassed to share my writings, especially to a large number of people; thus, I had been limiting my readers to close friends. The reason was that writing is such an intimate craft to the writer that sharing it exposes the writer’s inner self, making him/her vulnerable and easily discouraged from destructive feedback.

Howbeit, God has greatly encouraged me through various people He placed throughout my life, and I’m grateful for Him guiding both my writing and personal journeys. I could say they are very much interlinked as He has taught me so much in both. After all, I’m writing for Him, and He wants me to communicate my words with others.

Interestingly, the root of communicate in Latin is communicare, meaning to share. Thus, I’m sharing what God wants me to write with you. This poem was written a few years ago–or was it a year?–for a close friend of mine.

Psalm 37:4a (KJV)
Delight thyself in thy Lord, dear Friend.
Though thy path be dark and drear,
His Light is within you always.

Delight thyself in Him, dear Friend.
Though His silence be so long,
His Presence is ever still near.

Delight thyself in thy Father, dear Friend.
Though the world appears immense,
His tender Heart upholds you.

Delight thyself in thy Saviour, dear Friend.
Though you are filthy,
His Blood had washed you clean.


Very Sincerely Yours,
Clarissa Choo-Choo Train


Clarissa Choo is a vessel used for Christ’s glory. Although she has lived in four countries, Heaven is her only Home. She desires to sow His seeds and to serve third culture kids, teens, and writers. Besides writing, she loves to wash dishes, chop ingredients into smithereens, and record hymns on her piano. Peek into her Christian TCK Email Ministry or read more posts.

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